Compliance Revenue Consulting

Is The Process of Focusing on Our Partners' Success

  • Collaboration with a Team Focus. We work with Benefit Account Managers, Compliance Staff and Sales Teams to Aid in Client Service, Sales, Production of Plan Documentation, HIPAA Compliance, Bootcamps, Webinars, Trainings and more.
  • Service Delivery with a Revenue Focus. Provide a Comprehensive Suite of Exclusive, Easy-To-Use Compliance Revenue Support Services, complete with an Industry-Leading Warranty.
  • Continuing Support. Receive Responses to Legal Support Questions Daily.
  • Enhance and Advance Your Current Approach. Hone your Competitive Edge to Keep Clients Happy, Win New Clients, Consolidate, Save and Generate New Revenue
  • Who We Are

    • Founded in 2014 by Jeffrey D. Zimon, Esq., an ERISA/Employee Benefits Attorney With More than 25 Years of Experience.
    • Jeffrey D. Zimon, Esq. is also the Founder of the Law Firm Zimon LLC – a Boutique National Employee Benefits and Compensation Firm.
    • EZ ERISA is NOT a Vendor. We Build Relationships that Focus on Our Partners’ Success and Collaborate with them to Provide Broad Based Consultative Support.
    • EZ ERISA is Exclusive and Selective. We Work with Sophisticated Mid-Market Brokerages Looking for a Competitive Edge.


  • Plan Document Services

    Plan Document Services

  • HIPAA Compliance

    HIPAA Compliance

  • ERISA Advice

    ERISA Advice

  • Compliance Checklist

    Compliance Checklist

  • Bootcamp, Seminars, & Trainings

    Bootcamp, Seminars, & Trainings

  • Employee Handbooks & Form 5500 Filing

    Employee Handbooks & Form 5500 Filing

Custom Tailored To Suit Your Needs

Success Stories

  • The Prospect: A 375 employee company that has never filed a Form 5500
  • The Consultation: EZ ERISA coordinated call with Broker Partner and Client to educate and discuss options and alternatives
  • Actions:
    • Established Plan Year through Plan Documentation
    • Put HIPAA Protection in Place
    • Obtained low-cost Form 5500 filing solution for 3 years of remedial filings
    • Filed with the Department of Labor under Delinquent Filers Program
  • Results:
    • Broker Won Client
    • Broker Gets $100,000 in Revenue from Case
    • Broker Makes Money on Plan Documentation

Partner Profile

  • Partner profile for partners with plan document subscriptions
    • Plan Document Subscription Sales: $50,000
    • Subscriptions Purchased for Large Clients: $15,000
    • Legal Services Support: Save $15,000 Per Year
    • Compliance Checklist: Save $5,500 Per Year
    • Helping Partners Keep Clients Happy: Priceless
    • Helping Partners Win New Clients: Priceless

Why Brokers Select EZ ERISA

  • Revenue Focus

    No other Compliance Solution helps Brokers keep and build Revenue. Unlike off-the shelf products supplied by “vendors” EZ provides its Partners with a Suite of Services customized to its needs. We create a Revenue Model Through Our Dynamic Pricing. The result is a Suite of Services that do not cost anything. Partners get checks every quarter!

  • A Competitive Edge

    Use common off-the-shelf products? No Warranty Protection? Use of ubiquitous vendors makes Brokers look alike. EZ Provides Exclusive Territories, Warrantied Product to Protect the Broker and Clients. Cutting Edge product. Be as good as (better) than others.

  • Consultation and Support

    EZ has the expertise. Coupled with the Zimon LLC law firm, EZ provides the highest level of consultation and support on ERISA, HIPAA and more. We provide direct support and direct Client interactions when requested.

  • Flexibility

    EZ is not one-size-fits-all. EZ adapts and customizes our approach to build a relationship with our Broker Partners. We customize how we provide our Suite of Services to give our Broker Partners a Competitive Edge.

  • Consolidation

    EZ ERISA’s Suite of Compliance Revenue Services allows for Brokers to reduce overhead, streamline services and focus on Compliance as a Source of Revenue.

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